The COVID-19 pandemic has represented a major impact to health systems and the society in general in all the countries around the world, and it has forced many changes that will affect our practice during an amount of time that is still hard to predict.

The generation of knowledge about the disease has occurred almost as fast as its global expansion. Although pregnancy does not seem to be a situation of particularly high risk, pregnant women and obstetricians are deeply affected for many reasons. This makes it essential for the specialist to learn a series of highly relevant practical concepts about COVID-19 and pregnancy in a very short time.

In this mini Virtual symposium we will present in a concise but very practical way all relevant aspects that we believe a specialist should know. From the most basic concepts about the disease, protection measures or how to reorganize the obstetric care, to more specific aspects and the essential knowledge related to the management of pregnancy and childbirth.

We will approach in a concise but very practical way all the key aspects of COVID-19 in Obstetrics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The activities will be carried out with the usual philosophy of Fetal I + D, which means they are designed for the achievement of the maximum level of useful information for the specialist. With a structure of very brief presentations followed by discussions, attendees will be able to absorb all the relevant knowledge in a short time and update their practice according to the best scientific evidence available on COVID-19 and pregnancy.


  • 1. To understand the basic notions about COVID-19.
  • 2. To acquire a basic knowledge of protection measures for professionals and patients in all scenarios of practice in maternal-fetal medicine.
  • 3. To get to know with examples the options to reorganize the teams and obstetric practice.
  • 4. To get to know the best available evidence and discuss those specific cases that require our attention in maternal-fetal medicine.
  • 5. To analyze the Barcelona protocol of COVID-19 and pregnancy and the evidence that has guided its drafting.

Course Details


April 30, 2020


4,5 hours


Eduard Gratacós, Francesc Figueras


Fetal I+D Education Barcelona






Participation certificate from Fetal I+D Education Barcelona


GMT +2; (Barcelona): 8:00- 12:30



Eduard Gratacós

Francesc Figueras

Jezid Miranda

Elisa Llurba

Marta Lopez