Media impact

From 2014 to 2016, our research activity had an extensive coverage by the national and local mass media including television, radio, newspaper and online support, which helps disseminating the idea that research in the early stages of life is important.



# Activities 2014-2016










  1. FIRST Project Presentation: During March 2016, a very ambitious new project that aims to improve fetal surgery techniques, was launched. This programme is being conducted in collaboration with four other prestigious research centers from Catalunya: Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya and the Institut Quìmic de Sarrià. The main goal of the project is developing new technologies to improve and expand fetal surgery, such as a robotic system, microscopic biosensors and new biomaterials to suture membranes. This very innovative project caught the media’s attention, and our group Director, Dr. Gratacós (also the programme coordinator) was interviewed by several media (in Spanish):

                     La cirugía fetal salva la vida de 200 bebés en Cataluña (La Vanguardia)
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                     Proyecto de imagen fetal robótica mejorará la técnica de cirugía embrionaria (la Vanguardia)
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  1. Other research highlights and personal interviews of our director: some of our research lines and our PI Dr. Gratacós were highlighted on the media through out 2016. Here some are examples (in Spanish):
    • “Cuatro” writes a note on the findings of a collaborative research perfomed by our group along Universitat Pompeu Fabra. On the note it is explained that the research group found that maternal diabetes produces on an alteration on the foetuses blood circulation. :
      Un estudio detecta en fetos de madres diabéticas una redistribución del flujo sanguíneo (noticias CUATRO)
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    • The online newspaper “Diario médico” published about the preliminary results of a multicentre study in which it has been confirmed the efficacy of a non invasive test that allows to evaluate lung maturation in the fetus by ultrasound. This new technique- based on a computer analisis of the ultrasound - would allow to better predict the risk of respiratory stress: :
      La prueba no invasiva para determinar la madurez pulmonar del feto reduce el uso de corticoides (Diario
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    • A profile of Dr. Gratacós appeared in the local newspaper “La Vanguardia”:
      Eduard Gratacós: “Los descubrimientos de la física me admiran” (La Vanguardia)
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  1. Eduard Gratacós was one of three finalists of the “Catalan of the Year” Award

 Sponsored by one of the most important newspaper in the country, El Periodico de Catalunya (winner Lucia Caram, third finalist Jordi Évole). The award is voted by readers of the newspaper, after a previous selection of different nominees by a jury composed of persons from different social environments, including celebrities. The huge support towards Gratacós made him reached the final. The three finalists were invited to the Ceremony held on April 16th at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. The event was an excellent opportunity to promote the pioneer work done by our research team in the fetal Medicine field. Artur Mas, President of the Catalan Government, highlighted the task of Gratacós as a benchmark of excellence in his field. So did his colleague Pedro Alonso, head of the World Health Organization in Malaria. Some of the coverage included, among others:

    • Interview in the Catalan Television “Els matins de TV3” (15-04-2015): Eduard Gratacós talks about his professional career in the context of the Catalan of the Year Award.
      Eduard Gratacós: "La nostra obsessió és curar malalties fetals" (TV3 ala carta)
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  • Catalan of the Year Ceremony (16/4/2015).
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  •  La gala del Català de l'Any 2014 (TV3 alacarta)
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  1. During October 2015, Fetal Medicine Barcelona Foundation signed a collaboration agreement with Fundació FC Barcelona Among other joint initiatives, this agreement will strengthen the social dissemination of our work in diseases with fetal origin, as well as the ongoing research lines on Fetal Medicine. This agreement was announced by press release in the FCBarcelona website and television:
    Fundació Barcelona

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    Signatura conveni FCB amb Fundació Medicina Fetal Barcelona (dailymotion)

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  2. Eduard Gratacós received the 2015 Professional Excellence Award for his work in fetal medicine by the Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona Last November 23th, in Teatre Romea (Barcelona). At the ceremony, the president of Generalitat de Catalunya, Artur Mas, highlighted how important is for the winners of this prize to be personally involved in their everyday work.
    Metges del Clínic i l’IDIBAPS reben el Premi Excel·lència Professional del COMB 2015 (Hospital Clínic)

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  1. Interviews in Catalan and Portuguese newspapers describing the research in Fetal i+D 

    Más de mil niños están vivos en España gracias a la cirugía fetal (el Periódico)

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    Eduard Gratacós: «Operar al feto en el útero es mágico y complejo a la vez» (el Periódico)

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    Diário de Notícias (Portugal)

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During 2014, our research activity had an extensive coverage by the national and local mass media including television, radio, newspaper and online support.
  1.  Our goal is to achieve excellence. Interview in the Spanish newspaper “El Periódico” 7-12-2014. “Fourty years ago, a number of professional physicians decided that this hospital (Hospital Clínic of Barcelona) should work focused towards excellence as a main goal. For that, they provided mechanisms for hiring the best professionals and for developing a model whose priority is the scientific merits of its workers, which has never changed.”
               Eduard Gratacós: «Nuestra meta es lograr la excelencia» (el Periódico)
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  1. Eduard Gratacós is ranked as the obstetrician with the best reputation in Spain.  Article in the Spanish newspaper “El Pais” 3-12-2014. According to the first Health Reputation Monitor (MRS); Hospital Clínic of Barcelona ranks second best hospital in the national list.
               El Clínic y Vall d'Hebron, entre los hospitales públicos con más reputación de España (La Vanguardia)

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  1. University of Barcelona leads the first international PhD in Fetal Medicine.  Article in the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” 9-5-2014.FetalMed PhD aims to promote a new generation of transdisciplinary researchers who are empowered to work and develop new products and solutions for different sectors, including academia.
                Barcelona coordina el primer doctorado internacional en cirugía fetal (La Vanguardia)

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Social activities


Fetal i+D conducts periodically several actions that involve direct participation of patients and families, with the aim of bringing closer the research of Cerebra’s project to the general public and society.

During 2014, the research team held a social event in Barcelona, following the traditional Family Event conferences that we have been addressing to families yearly since 2008. In this occasion, the conference took place in May 2014 under the title “Health begins before birth”. The conference was addressed to families and patients participating in our projects.

The event focused on the impact of nutrition during pregnancy and early life of the baby, and we combined the participation of experts in medicine, nutrition and cooking that provided the keys to help future mothers and families during this stage of life. During this conference, we also announce the presentation of the inatal book “40 recetas para 40 semanas de embarazo”.


Inatal project


Our interactive social platform Inatal, launched in 2013, is one of the largest Spanish-speaking web-based platform for pregnancy. Inatal provides objective, useful information about health issues during pregnancy, while encouraging the active participation of its users.  Our research fellows directly contribute by updating the high quality contents of Inatal. The hard work of the scientific and editorial team has contributed to the success of this social platform. 
During 2016, Inatal received around 10M total visits, had more than 6.500 registered users, over 1.200 different topics were covered in our forums and around 2.000 users registered for the forums. Moreover, during all these period, our professionals have dedicated their time to generate and share with our community, pregnancy related content from the different research projects funded by CEREBRA. This content is available in the Inatal Blog and in the “Editor's blog".