Media impact


During 2014, our research activity had an extensive coverage by the national and local mass media including television, radio, newspaper and online support.


# Activities in 2014









A brief description of some of these activities are:

- Interview in the Spanish newspaper “El Periódico” 7-12-2014: Our goal is to achieve excellence. “Fourty years ago, a number of professional physicians decided that this hospital (Hospital Clínic of Barcelona) should work focused towards excellence as a main goal. For that, they provided mechanisms for hiring the best professionals and for developing a model whose priority is the scientific merits of its workers, which has never changed.”

- Article in the Spanish newspaper “El Pais” 3-12-2014: Eduard Gratacós is ranked as the obstetrician with the best reputation in Spain according to the first Health Reputation Monitor (MRS); Hospital Clínic of Barcelona ranks second best hospital in the national list.

- Article in the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” 9-5-2014: University of Barcelona leads the first international PhD in Fetal Medicine. FetalMed PhD aims to promote a new generation of transdisciplinary researchers who are empowered to work and develop new products and solutions for different sectors, including academia.

Social activities


Fetal i+D conducts periodically several actions that involve direct participation of patients and families, with the aim of bringing closer the research of Cerebra’s project to the general public and society.

During 2014, the research team held a social event in Barcelona, following the traditional Family Event conferences that we have been addressing to families yearly since 2008. In this occasion, the conference took place in May 2014 under the title “Health begins before birth”. The conference was addressed to families and patients participating in our projects.

The event focused on the impact of nutrition during pregnancy and early life of the baby, and we combined the participation of experts in medicine, nutrition and cooking that provided the keys to help future mothers and families during this stage of life. During this conference, we also announce the presentation of the inatal book “40 recetas para 40 semanas de embarazo”.


Inatal project


A major accomplishment in pursuing the goal to bridge research and society is the development of the Fetal i+D interactive social platform Inatal. This platform, launched in 2013, is one of the largest Spanish-speaking web-based platform for pregnancy. Inatal provides objective, useful information about health issues during pregnancy, while encouraging the active participation of its users. The high quality of its contents and the hard work of our research fellows as the scientific and editorial teams have contributed to the success of this social platform. During 2014, inatal had around 6M total visits and more than 3.300 registered users. The map shows that these visitors and users are present in different Spanish-speaking countries, and our next goal is to expand by translating to other languages including English.